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Mattias Cape joins Scoot Science as Senior Data Scientist

Santa Cruz, Calif. (September 22, 2020) (September 22, 2020) Scoot Science announced today that Mattias Cape will lead its efforts in operational ocean forecasting, exploring the relationships between adverse ocean conditions and salmon mortality events. As Senior Data Scientist, Cape will also be a member of Scoot’s data analysis team.

Cape, a biological oceanographer, has degrees in Applied Mathematics and Biology from UCSD, with MSc/PhD degrees in Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Born in Sweden, raised in France, and having spent over a year of his life on research vessels in the Arctic and Antarctic, he now calls Seattle home.

Cape brings years of oceanographic expertise and studies the coupled relationships between physical oceanographic parameters and biological responses.

First and foremost, Mattias has a brilliant, analytical mind, and he understands the inherent value of ocean data and how demanding it is to work in the field. His work in both polar regions takes huge dedication and time commitment, which will greatly benefit our work in aquaculture.

Jonathan LaRiviere

After working at both poles for so many years, Mattias has witnessed how climate change is accelerating. High latitudes are experiencing some of the fastest rates of warming, and Mattias has seen and felt these changes.  

Understanding and quantifying the drivers that are rapidly changing the ocean is one of the biggest motivators for me. Joining Scoot Science is about bringing that real-world experience and knowledge to bear in improving the science behind fish farming and managing ocean risk.

Mattias Cape

Download press release as .pdf here

Date Written
Sep 22, 2020
Scoot Science