Scoot Science is for fish farmers who need to understand their ocean risks and protect their fish and operations.  We deliver unified data access and analysis of your ocean environment to mitigate the impact of ocean threats to your farms.   

Solutions for aquaculture

We’re working to give fish farmers increased lead-time for major ocean risk events, including:

  • extreme temperature swings
  • low dissolved oxygen levels
  • algae blooms
  • strong sub-surface currents
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Experienced fish farmers know the ocean is changing. Quickly.

Know What’s Coming

Scoot Science will enable your team to take decisive action by giving you the complete picture of the ocean in your bay management areas.

What can Scoot Science do for your operations?


Scoot Science’s data management solutions bring the most trusted and up-to-date data forward so that your team can make good decisions fast to ensure the health of your fish.


By unifying the data from your farms with the relevant oceanographic and meteorological data streams, we’ll work with you to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of each of your site locations


Our historical analysis tools will turn your performance assessments of past events into proactive strategies for reducing ocean risk and effectively growing fish in the coming years.

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