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Scoot Science provides data-driven insights across aquaculture operations, sustainability, and finance.

You run a complicated business in a changing environment. You've been collecting data, but it takes time to make that data work for your team. We can help you turn data into data-informed decision making. Building off of our core expertise in ocean science, Scoot Science offers advising across operations, sustainability, and finance.

Save time and rest assured that you made a good decision fast with the help of our advisors.

Our customers get data-driven insights fast


Pull together the team of ocean and aquaculture data analysts you need today.


Use world-class ocean tools to draw new insights out of your existing data.


Scoot Science offers advisory services across operations, sustainability, and finance.

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Onboard the data science resources you need right now.

Use your own data to answer urgent questions across operations, sustainability, and finance.

At Scoot Science we know you want to be sure you made the right decision the first time. That means that you need trusted analysts who can turn your data into insights on short notice. The problem is data scientists are expensive, their hiring cycle is long, and they don’t come with any aquaculture expertise in hand. If you rely exclusively on your in-house data team, you worry that you’ll always either be spending on idle resources or won’t have the staff on hand to consistently rise to urgent challenges. We believe that you already have the data you need to make better decisions today. We understand that talented data scientists are hard to find. That’s why we offer advisory services across operations, sustainability, and finance. Here’s how you turn existing data into insights today:

  1. Call us so we can understand the most pressing risks at your sites.
  2. Gather just the data science resources you need.
  3. Answer urgent questions with your own data. Build an agile, resilient and data-driven team today.