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Scoot Science offers bespoke analytics from hatchery to harvest.

Fish farms operate on the backdrop of  a changing environment. You've been collecting data, but it takes time to put that data to work for your team. Scoot delivers quick turnaround analysis projects to turn raw data into data-driven decision making. Building on our core expertise in ocean science, Scoot Science offers advisory services across operations, ocean risk, and sustainability.

Get answers fast and add confidence to your decision making.

Producers trust Scoot to uncover valuable insights in their data


Pull together the team of ocean and aquaculture data analysts you need today.


Apply world-class ocean tools to address your complex environmental challenges with confidence.


Projects tailored to meet your unique needs.

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We know you want to be sure you made the right decision the first time. That means that you need trusted analysts who can turn your data into insights on short notice. The problem is that in-house data scientists are expensive, talent is hard to find, and they rarely have a background in aquaculture. Scoot’s team of data scientists and oceanographers will hit the ground running on your project. Examples of our past proposals:

  1. Identify operational drivers of post treatment mortality from delousing procedures.
  2. Determine if delousing vessels remove lice life stages at different rates to inform treatment planning.
  3. Develop a physics-based ocean model of superchill conditions enabling the creation of a custom parametric insurance product. 
  4. Find threshold hydrographic conditions contributing to warm water mortality events for farms in a tidal estuary.