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Scoot Science Hires Business Development Specialist As Second Canadian Hire

(Santa Cruz, CA; April 27, 2021)—Scoot Science, the premiere ocean forecasting technology company for aquaculture businesses, continues to expand its presence in Canada with the addition of Business Development Specialist Craig Blackie. Through this role, Blackie will develop sales channels while implementing programs for Scoot Science that support the interests of aquaculture companies, first nations groups, government agencies, and environmental organizations.

An important part of Scoot Science’s mission is to improve humanity’s relationship with the ocean.

Scoot Science CEO Jonathan LaRiviere

Blackie has been on the front lines of monitoring ocean change and managing community and regulatory relationships on behalf of aquaculture companies for nearly a decade. He is a fish biologist and holds a masters degree in aquaculture. His most recent position with Grieg Seafood in British Columbia included building partnerships with first nations groups along the coast and managing government relations

Data analysis is integral in achieving this goal, as is the deep ocean knowledge of first nations groups and working in concert with regulatory agencies. Craig understands how to bring our shared interests together and we look forward to revealing more of his work as the projects are developed.

Scoot Science CEO Jonathan LaRiviere

Scoot Science is an ocean data analytics company built to catalyze the blue economy and support fish farmers who need to protect their operations from the risks of rapidly changing oceans.  By integrating in-pen environmental data with publicly available oceanographic and meteorological data Scoot Science gives farmers a window into their regional ocean. Scoot Science goes beyond operational insights by building risk models that translate ocean dynamics into marine business outcomes. Those models enable aquaculture to finally unlock the tools of modern finance and insurance.

Date Written
Apr 22, 2021
Scoot Science