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Introducing Green Sharpe

Green Sharpe, Scoot Science's measure of impact-and-risk-adjusted returns, allows institutional investors to achieve sustainability and profits with remarkable ocean-based businesses. It's all described in our new report.

Salmon farming has, for decades, offered extraordinary returns. Moreover, those returns come from a sector where better sustainability translates directly to better profit. But the industry's unique set of ocean risks has kept capital on the sidelines...until now.

Today we unveil a revolutionary analytics platform for institutional investors to find investment opportunities that historically offered:

  • Risk-adjusted returns in the top quintile of all US or European stocks across recent decades.
  • A historical Green Sharpe that is 31 times larger than US agriculture and livestock as a whole.
  • A clear opportunity to outperform already impressive sector average benchmarks (EY estimates that Norway's salmon farmer produced a compounded return on capital employed of 24% over the ten years to 2019).

Our goal is to connect with innovative financial partners who have an ESG or impact mandate. Contact our Chief Investment Officer Grant Cavanaugh to learn more. Or if you prefer, schedule a call with our team on Calendly

Date Written
Jan 18, 2022
Iwen Su, Grant Cavanaugh, Alexandra Smith, Sherry Lippiatt