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Scoot Science welcomes Dr. Marta Wolfshorndl

Scoot Science welcomes Dr. Marta Wolfshorndl to the data analysis team. Marta is a chemical oceanographer and data scientist with experience combining careful and methodical laboratory and field observations with data analysis and numerical modeling. At Scoot Science, Marta supports the analysis team in bringing together physical models and observational data to create analytics and forecasting tools.

Scoot is excited to add Marta's oceanography and data science expertise to the team to continue refining our forecasting products and expand our support of informed operational decision making in the aquaculture industry.

Scoot Science CEO Jonathan LaRiviere

Marta earned her Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography with an Advanced Data Science Option from the University of Washington. She is an expert in coral biomineralization and carbonate chemistry in the ocean, and researched coral response to climate change. Marta also completed a Master’s project in paleooceanography, measuring compound specific hydrogen isotopes in algal lipids as proxies for past rainfall. Marta is passionate about learning new data science tools to support her work; she has used machine learning to identify coral crystals in images and built a dashboard to visually and graphically show changes in Arctic lake color over time. 

Date Written
Jul 28, 2021
Scoot Science