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Scoot Science Announces $4.1m in Seed Funding

(Santa Cruz, CA; May 3, 2022) Scoot Science, the forerunner in ocean analytics, announces today that it closed a $4.1 million round of seed funding, bringing its total funding to $6.4 million. Third Kind Venture Capital led the seed round, while First Star Ventures led the pre-seed round. Rackhouse, Climate Capital, My Climate Journey, Hawktail, Liquid 2 Ventures, Impact Assets, and Box Group also participated in the seed round, alongside individual investors with a track record of supporting some of the best climate change solution companies. 

The team of oceanographers and data scientists, led by co-founders CEO Dr. Jonathan LaRiviere and CTO Evan Goodwin, is supercharging the blue economy with farmed salmon as the beachhead market. The ocean covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and absorbs 90% of excess planetary warming while supporting businesses with 1.9 trillion dollars in revenue, as reported in Scoot’s ocean analytics and risk and finance tools are critical for ocean-based industries to meet global ambitions for the sustainable growth of the blue economy.  

Right now, climate change is threatening the viability of aquaculture, the most sustainable source of animal protein for the entire world. Scoot’s predictive technology enables producers to adapt in real-time to sustain and grow their productivity and profitability.

Third Kind Managing Partner Shana Fisher

Scoot is building tools that will benefit the entire ocean economy. We’re starting with aquaculture, and our aim is to enable any ocean-based business to understand how their business outcomes couple to ocean variability and a changing climate. These are the tools needed to identify clear pathways for navigating the challenges of ocean change.

Scoot CEO Jonathan LaRiviere

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Date Written
May 03, 2022
Scoot Science