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Have confidence that, with our data, you’ve found excess returns aligned with your values

We’re not keeping our promise to the next generation. Our seas are warming and the institutions that can help are struggling to find investment returns. You need climate-driven investment intelligence to capture the precious opportunities to do well while doing good.

See what real sustainable investing looks like

Our customers are confident they’re doing sustainable investing the right way


See returns adjusted for risk and impact with Scoot Science’s Green Sharpe.


Institutional scale portfolios of individual aquaculture assets offered risk-adjusted returns in the top quintile of all US or European stocks across recent decades.


Learn how ocean conditions drove aquaculture investments to perform 31 times better than agriculture and livestock.

We know that good returns are hard to find even without the challenge of measuring impact. Scoot Science’s Green Sharpe quantifies risk, return, and impact for portfolios assembled from more than 3,500 industrial marine assets across the globe.

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At Scoot Science, we know that you want to be a principled, disciplined investor working with brilliant partners on behalf of future generations. In order to do that, you need pioneering investment ideas. The problem is that the combination of exceptional sustainability and performance always seems hard to find, explain, or access which leaves you worried that you'll tie up capital with expensive, low-alpha investments. We believe that principled performance is built on years of focused study. We understand the urgent need for genuine innovation in sustainable investing. Our team of oceanographers built a suite of tools to show you how, why, and when marine investments deliver extraordinary returns. Here’s how:

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  2. Plan an ocean investment strategy.
  3. Build a portfolio that delivers green alpha. And in the meantime, read Green Sharpe: Making Oceans Investable. Stop following the crowd toward high fees for expensive, correlated, and greenwashed assets, and instead build a sustainable portfolio to support the blue economy.